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How Fluid Dispensing Systems Can Help Save You Money

How Fluid Dispensing Systems Can Help Save You Money

When looking into ways to save money for your business, it’s unlikely that the first place you’ll look will be at your adhesive dispensing systems. However, this can be a place where small expenses add up: between lost product, replacing disposable parts, and inefficiencies in dispensing, your fluid dispensing systems can slowly cost your business more and more money over time. Read on to learn how keeping track of your fluid dispensing systems can help your bottom line.

Limiting Lost Product

If you haven’t upgraded or repaired your fluid dispensing systems recently, you could be losing a fair amount of product without even knowing it. Dispense valves can gather product if systems aren’t properly maintained. This results in both reduced efficiency for your machinery and, more importantly, lost product on the line. Any epoxy, adhesive, or other fluid getting stuck during the dispensing process means more money spent on product that is, essentially, wasted.

Replacement Parts

Because so many parts of fluid dispensing systems are disposable or meant to be replaced, the overall cost for parts can grow out of control fairly quickly. Disposable dispense valves can seem inexpensive to start, but the costs can add up if you’re not careful. Finding parts that are able to be easily replaced for a reasonable cost can be incredibly helpful in managing your company’s expenses.

Reducing Inefficiencies

Reducing inefficiencies in dispensing will be able to help you save as much money as possible. One example of a potential inefficiency is in the polymers or epoxy being used. Polymers shrink as they cure, with as much as 2.3% difference for an unfilled epoxy potting compound. Making sure you account for shrinking during curing can keep your business running efficiently. There are plenty of places where simple facts could potentially be overlooked, so being careful to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible could help save you money in the long run.

Fluid dispensing systems can be a potential place to look when attempting to keep track of your company’s bottom line. Looking for more efficient and cost-saving fluid dispensing solutions? Contact Exact Dispensing for more information on how your adhesive, epoxy, silicone, or other fluid dispensing systems could be improved to save you and your company money.