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Choosing the Right Epoxy System: Applications to Consider

Choosing the Right Epoxy System: Applications to Consider

All kinds of industries rely on epoxies to create high-quality products — especially because these materials have improved so much over the years. Instead of having a reputation of being difficult to work with, epoxies are now a frequent go-to for countless applications. However, there are many possible epoxy dispensing solutions to choose from. It’s essential to select the right epoxy system for your given application. Making this decision depends on certain requirements, like the need for durability, its temperature resistance, or how long cure times take. Certain adhesive dispensing systems may be ideal for only one or two applications, while others are more versatile. Let’s take a closer look at a few key applications and the type of epoxies that are best-suited for them.

Electronics and Solar
The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that about 250,000 Americans work in the solar power industry at more than 9,000 companies throughout the entire United States. And of course, the electronics and tech industries continue to grow, as well. That means that there are many employees who rely on epoxy dispensers to do their jobs effectively and make superior products like solar panels, television sets, tablets, and more.

Epoxy dispensing solutions are a pivotal part of both of these industries, as these compounds protect delicate parts from water, wind, and electronic hazards. When deciding on an epoxy system for these purposes, the main concern is typically thermal-related — meaning that the epoxy needs to provide temperature resistance and thermal cycling resistance to protect the components from heat. There are epoxies specifically created for electronics to address these issues. And because today’s epoxies can be made to be tough, flexible, and heat-resistant, this allows those working in these industries to make products that will stand the test of time.

The automotive industries relies on epoxy dispensing solutions, too. For instance, epoxy is often used for what’s known as structural bonding. This process may be used to connect auto body panels to frames or to bond small contact patches. Opting for epoxy rather than welding or using metal fasteners may be preferential due to the fact that it’s more lightweight and just as durable.

Temperature resistance and thermal cycling are key for this industry, as well. Automotive companies cannot risk thermal expansion, as this can impact the integrity of the product, so thermal cycling resistance is a must. The materials must be flexible and mobile enough under different temperatures that the bond between two components is not sacrificed. Therefore, the epoxy used must provide superior thermal cycling and temperature resistance to be flexible enough for these purposes.

High-Volume Production
When items need to be produced at a high volume, it’s important to choose an epoxy that will perform well. But you’ll also need to consider the way in which it’s dispensed. Your dispensing solution may need to be automated (or at least semi-automated) to ensure production can be completed quickly and accurately each and every time.

When considering which epoxy you should pick for these purposes, you’ll need to assess how difficult it is to mix and dispense. For example, if you need to mix a two-part epoxy system in batches or need to cure it in a separate heating step, this could slow down the production line. You may want to look into premixed, frozen syringes that contain the epoxy solution, which would take all the legwork out of measuring, mixing, degassing, and dispensing. Alternatively, you could explore a variety of other dispensing solutions to determine which would offer you the best value without slowing down your production immeasurably.

Picking the right epoxy and dispensing method can be difficult, considering that some types are simply better suited for certain applications than others. But if you’re having trouble, we’re here to help. Contact us today to find out more about which of our adhesive dispensing options will be the best fit for your needs.