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Evaluating your Needs

What can we help you with today?

Expanding Production

Have your production requirements increased and your current potting or encapsulation process is not keeping up? We will partner with you to design the best solution for increasing capacity and improving productivity.

Upgrading Processes

Are you currently hand-mixing resin and pouring it into your product? If so, you’re probably throwing away money not only in wasted material but also through high part-reject rates due to uncured or improperly cured resin. We can help put that money back into your wallet.

Starting New Projects

Are you getting ready to bring a new product into production? Congratulations! Bring EXACT in early to make sure the best solution for your particular needs is implemented for your resin meter/mix dispensing.

Resolving Quality Issues

Do you have some product quality issues to address but are concerned about being “over-sold” a more elaborate solution than you need? Don’t waste money on bells and whistles you don’t want. We will work with you to design a custom solution that is EXACTly right for you.