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Company Profile

Company Profile

At EXACT Dispensing Systems, we design, build and install precision meter-mix and dispense systems in a wide variety of manufacturing markets around the world, including general manufacturing, motors and windings, electronics, automotive, filtration and military/aerospace. 

EXACT engineers and manufactures dispensing solutions utilizing components machine and manufactured within their facility. This self-supporting capability minimizes the need for outsourcing and facilitates expedient delivery and support to serve you.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, EXACT Dispensing Systems is in a unique position to serve its diverse customer base with solutions and systems that integrate seamlessly, efficiently and sensibly.


Whether the dispensing needs are simple or complex, by listening to our customers, we can configure the best and most cost-effective solution for your specific application. Our primary goal is for you to get a system that meets your needs and ultimately improves your productivity, product quality, and bottom line.

From a simple table-top machine to a complex engineered solution, we offer a full line of single- and multi- component dispensing systems for your manufacturing processes:


We pride ourselves on our "Wet Test Program" where even the simplest systems are tested with the user's resin. Simulating the production solution before the system is installed ensures complete satisfaction and provides customers the opportunity for hands-on product training.