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Circular Bead Dispensing System

Circular Bead Dispensing System

Rotational dispensing unit for circular deposition of 1+2K formulations. EXACT is the place to go when other custom fixturing or part positioning solutions are required to support your meter/mix/dispense requirements.


  • Circular patterns up to 8" diameter (Larger configurations can be quoted upon request)
  • Typical unit consists of adjustable/Dynamic Z axis dispense mount on which a dispense valve, syringe or other device is located


  • Economical alternative to the XY systems
  • Custom spinning nest can be designed and provided to hold the your part
  • Control Console provides all necessary logic functions (Extra nests/fixtures can be quoted upon review of parts or drawings)
  • Unit can be used with single component materials and can also be easily integrated with meter/mix and dispense systems for use with plural component reactive resins
  • Numerous feed options and dispense valves are available to provide turnkey solutions


  • 2497 Circular Bead Dispensing System available with standard SCR drive on the motor
    • Solid state timer is used to control the rotational duration
  • 2497 Circular Bead Dispensing System available with stepper motor
    • Critical rotational repeatability
    • Suited for applications where there is a need to take incremental shots through portions of an arc, to dispense a continuous bead through a partial arc, or to come to a "home" position on each part after a full dispense cycle