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Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum Chamber Programmable Motion Control | Programmable Motion, Vacuum, and Dispense

Vacuum Chamber System

EXACT's VC-PMC provides custom programmable process for:

  • Automated XY dispense positioning (infinite within the design envelope)
  • Automated levels of vacuum
  • Multiple Programmable Process "Recipes" that encompass motion, vacuum, and dispense
  • Custom solutions are also provided including expanded levels of automation.


Standard Chamber Sizes: 18-24" available

Level of vacuum: 2 torr (29.84 inhg)

Vacuum pull down time: 30 seconds to 2.5 min.

Display: Large 5x7" Touch screen HMI control console

Typical Process:

  1. Product is placed within the vacuum chamber.
  2. Utilizing a customizable  "Recipe", The VC-PMC will control the VC environment to the
    desired level of vacuum and execute your custom process.
  3. When the process is finished, the system will vent to atmosphere to allow removal of product
    and ability to repeat or choose an alternate process from the "Recipe" library.

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