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Client Testimonials

“Exact Dispensing Systems has provided the highest performance lowest cost meter mix adhesive dispensing systems to our company for over ten years. We purchase an average of at least one new system annually, each time we re-evaluate similar systems from other manufacturers and Exact is still the best bang for the buck. All of the systems we have purchased from Exact are still in service and used daily, which cannot be said of other manufacturer’s systems we have. Exact Dispensing Systems has added value to our systems by designing a vertical standing system to reduce the floor space required for the system for integration into our lean manufacturing cells.”

Steven Dolbec, Manufacturing Engineer, Insight Technology, Inc.

Well, you can quote me on this –  “Our experience with the Exact Dispensing machine built specifically for the material we use has been spectacular!  The Quality and attention to detail is what made this machine work for us flawlessly over the past few years.  We have had zero mechanical failures or problems and perfect dispensing every time.  If you treat the machine correctly, it will carry your production requirements with ease and simplicity.”

The machine just works, guys!  It truly made a huge difference in how our production line flowed.  What used to be a bottle neck was turned around to a position in the flow of things where it was usually begging for more work from upstream.

If we have another requirement we’ll certainly contact you, trust me.

Best Regards,

Bill Blinn, Delta Group Electronics, Inc.


I want to express sincere thanks for all of your efforts to help me out with what was a potentially disastrous situation.

As it turns out, I will not need the tank you are holding for me. We were able to locate a spare tank at our sister site in Johnstown PA.
I extend gratitude to you, Adam Brewer and Eric Scherer for your help and support. You folks are champs.

George Cooper, Manufacturing Engineer, DRS Laurel Technologies, Largo, FL


“Aerospace Systems has had an EXACT Model 9450 double acting meter mix and dispense system for over 9 years now and the reliability of the machine is outstanding.  We also have 2 other dispense machines that are very complicated to troubleshoot when there is an issue, but with the EXACT system, we can always pinpoint the issue right away without having lots of lost production time.  The EXACT machine is also very durable. Since we have purchased it, we have had very minimal repairs.  Not only from my standpoint but from the operator’s standpoint as well, we would rather use the EXACT system over the other machines…hands down.”

Jeremy Coulson, Engineering Technician

“EControls (an engine control MFG company) has been doing business with Exact Dispensing Systems for the past eight years.  They built fivecomplete dispensing systems for us at EControls and all have exceeded our expectations for cost, workmanship, on-time delivery and service. In manufacturing, equipment failure must be kept to a minimum, and I must say we have yet to have any equipment failures due to faulty workmanship.  Here at EControls our products are constantly evolving, which presents interesting engineering challenges. The engineering technical support and engineering staff have done an excellent job meeting those challenges.  I feel the staff at Exact Dispensing Systems has gone above and beyond to satisfy us here at Econtrols, and I look forward to our next project.”

Michael G.Ryan, Engineering Technologist, EControls, Inc.

“Exact Dispensing Systems has elevated the process of manufacturing to an art form.”

Lonnie Lenarduzzi, Chief Scientist, Plasmatronics

“We, at TASER International, have been satisfied with the engineering, technical support and professionalism of Exact Dispensing Systems since we purchased the first of several systems in early 2005. We will continue to rely on Exact for years going forward.”

Tim Higgins, Manufacturing Equipment Supervisor, TASER International, Inc.

“The equipment that you have provided us will be moving to both the Smithville Tennessee plant and the new St Louis plant. Several of the employees from these locations have been here and were very impressed with your equipment. Our employees have always like using them as they have made their jobs much, much, much easier and management enjoyed the cost savings of buying silicone in bulk rather than tubes. They are good Maine quality pieces of equipment. I am sure that they will still continue to purchase parts from you and hopefully as their operations see the benefits of using these they will purchase more for their other production lines.”

Jim Morse, Director of Engineering, Holman Cooking Equipment

“We are very satisfied with the urethane dispensing system we purchased from Exact Dispensing Systems.  It is easy to operate and very precise.  The system requires little maintenance and your qualified staff are always available to answer our questions or recommend improvements.  Your after sale support is also excellent.  We would strongly recommend your company to other industries.”

Daniel Meunier, President, Transformateurs P.M.

“The three Exact systems that we have purchased are very reliable.  We have used your double-acting and single-acting systems with heated resins and in vacuum applications.  All have exceeded our expectations and saved us considerable cost.  Service has been excellent as well.  It is refreshing to receive technical assistance from the same people who design and build your product.”

Jim Riffel, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Baldor Electric

“We have been using the Exact meter-mix equipment for over 10 years now and have been quite pleased with the performance.  We currently have 3 systems and we have had very few maintenance problems with these machines.  When we have had maintenance issues, the tech support we have received has been great, and the replacement parts have been overnighted to us so that our down time was limited.   I can’t say that we enjoy using epoxy in general, but we have been quite pleased with the equipment that we chose to do the job.”

Bruce Mistarz, Principal, Mencom Corp.

“ASC is very pleased with the quality and responsiveness of the Exact systems and personnel. We have had the systems in place for a few years now with very little maintenance other than routine preventive maintenance. Unlike other systems that would have required seal replacements semi-annually or piston replacements, the Exact system is well designed with the customer in mind.”

Exact’s technical personnel are always willing to assist us when needed. The president of the company visited our location personally to go over an application. Not many companies have that level of service.”

Stacey G. Bauer, Director New Business Development, ASC Capacitor Engineering Department

“Exact Dispensing Systems has been working closely with American Filtration for over 11 years and during that time have always supplied as promised.  This professional, intelligent and friendly group of people truly make our jobs a lot easier. We look forward to many years of continued service!”

Mark VanHalle, Vice President of Operations, American Filtration Technologies