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Products for Overmolding Electrical Assemblies | EXACT Dispensing


Using resins conforming to the MIL-M-24041C specifications for overmolding of harnesses breakouts, watertight electrical connectors, cables, cable end seals, printed circuitry and other electrical components.

Typical System features:

  • Model 9450 Double Acting Meter/Mix Dispense System
  • (2) 10 Gallon Capacity Feed Tanks
  • (2) Positive Displacement Piston Feed Pumps
  • Heated Cart to fully enclose the fluid components above
  • Heated A/B Fluid Outlet Hoses
  • Model 400 Autovalve with Triggerhandle, for use with disposable Static Mixers
  • Swivel and fixed casters for easy maneuvering to task sites

Products for Overmolding:

Model 9450 Single Acting

Model 9450 Double Acting