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Get to Know EXACT – Meet Richard McGrath

Get to Know EXACT – Meet Richard McGrath

Get to Know EXACT - Meet Richard McGrath

Richard McGrath joined EXACT Dispensing Systems in February of 2012 as the new Electrical Controls Engineer. In this role, Richard develops circuits and programs for factory automation dispensing and robotic systems, which is a growing need in all manufacturing settings.

“Engineers at EXACT are involved in a wide range of tasks, far beyond the typical engineer responsibilities. Here I roll up my sleeves for anything from designing and programming to cutting and drilling metal or wiring and building assemblies. In my experience, most companies don’t let engineers near real tools or machinery,” stated Richard. “This unique company has a family closeness that makes coming to work easy and enjoyable. And the EXACT management team regularly shows employees appreciation through reward and acknowledgement.”

“Rick is the key to EXACT Dispensing controls development. He brings a wealth of electronics and controls knowledge combined with a friendly and accommodating style that is appreciated by all EXACT customers,” stated Doug Jaeger, GM of EXACT.

Richard had an interesting 37-year career in Engineering. Prior to joining EXACT, he served as Nuclear Safety Engineer and Simulation Software Engineer at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station. He also worked for General Dynamics Bath Iron Works as Systems & Software Safety Engineer on Zumwalt Class Destroyers. Additionally, Richard was a Partner in Product Development Innovations LLC, designing microcontroller firmware for Brand Electronics digital power meters.

Richard is a Professional Engineer for the state of Maine and holds a certificate for Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maine. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Lowell in Massachusetts.

Richard and Karen, his wife of 27 years, raised two sons on Westport Island: Joseph and Brian who are currently attending college. Richard is quite involved in his community, serving as electric car coach, Math Counts coach, Lego Robotics coach, and Real World Design Challenge judge. When he finds spare time, he enjoys sailing and working on his house.