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Model 1450 Double Acting


Model 1450 Double Acting Dispensing System

Designed for intermittent/continuous dispensing of two component epoxies, urethanes, silicones, polysulfides and others.


Bore (Major Component):1.500" diameter
Full Stroke Volume (1:1 ratio):8 fl. oz/239 cc
Overall Length (Baseplate):53"
Overall Length (with Encoder):55"


  • Wide range of bore sizes and ratios to satisfy your production requirements.
  • Positive displacement piston metering for consistent, accurate delivery of A and B materials. Ratio is assured by honed cylinder diameters.
  • Precision Linked Diverting Valves (LDV) eliminate problems caused by unreliable check valves.
  • Low cycle rate for improved wear. Multiple process shots per stroke.
  • Stainless steel, PTFE, hard coated nickel and Cryogenically treated components ensure long lasting performance, even with abrasive materials.
  • Manual ("eyeball") or precise volumetrically controlled dispensing.
  • Mixer manifold isolates materials until they enter the disposable mixer.
  • Inexpensive disposable mixing. No solvents.
  • Material is pressure fed from tanks or pump fed from 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, or other bulk containers.


OptionsComplete Systems

Encoder: For critical applications requiring precise shot size. Accuracy to .0008" of cylinder stroke. (.0004" optional)

Pumps: Wide range available for use with 5 gallon to 55 gallon containers. Air assisted ram for heavy or viscous liquids.

Heated hoses: Up to 20 feet.


  • Vacuum Conditioning
  • 1 Quart to 30 gallons
  • Digital or "Dial set" heat
  • Agitation-pneumatic or electric
  • Nitrogen blanket for moisture sensitive materials
  • Level controls
  • Sight "View" Windows

Systems Integration: Interfacing of EXACT dispensing equipment with your process.

Portable skids/carts: Engineered for your application and process, offers mobility for remote task requirements.