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Level Controls

Level Controls

At EXACT Dispensing Systems, a premier engineering and manufacturing company for dispensing systems, we are proud to offer top-quality and reliable level control systems. These systems consist of low level sensors with audible/visual alarms. You can use these level control systems in the some of the following areas:

• Filling discharge systems,
• Chemical spilling/bund monitoring
• Pump dry running prevention
• Mechanical conveying
• ATEX-Approved Equipment
• Tank contents gauging
• And much more

Other than our EXACT low-level sensor, we have additional options available:

• High/low combination with auto-replenishment of supplies from bulk containers
• HMI monitoring control packages of supply levels

For more information on our level control systems, EXACT Dispensing Systems can be reached directly by contacting with the information provided here. An EXACT Dispensing Systems representative is standing by to answer your questions.