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How to Save Time and Money With Meter Mix Dispensing Systems

How to Save Time and Money With Meter Mix Dispensing Systems

Your company’s operations need to be precise and efficient to keep costs down. But given the complexity of the epoxy dispensing process, this may be easier said than done. That’s particularly true if you’re doing things the traditional way. Not only does meter mix dispense equipment give you more control than batch processing, but it’s actually more cost- and time-efficient.

How Meter Mix Systems Can Save You Both Time and Money

  • Meter mix dispense equipment decreases production time
    You might assume that a batch processor is the way to go if you want to reduce production rates. But actually, a meter mix dispensing setup is far more efficient. This meter mix dispense equipment eliminates the need for manual mixing and dispensing, meaning that the process is much quicker and the results can be achieved on a shorter timeline. The process is more predictable, which translates into fewer delays during dispensing, curing, and other parts of the process.
  • Newer dispensing solutions alleviate labor and material costs
    A meter mix dispensing system is much more automated than traditional methods. That allows businesses to reduce costs normally earmarked for employee salaries. It’s far more efficient in that regard, allowing you to use those funds in other areas of your business. And because this process can eliminate waste and even reduce material costs, you’ll be saving money there, too. Because meter mix equipment provides better accuracy, you won’t waste time or money unnecessarily.
  • Automated meter mixing machines can reduce mistakes
    Let’s face it: epoxy dispensing is a complex process that requires a great deal of skill and experience. And even when you have high-caliber employees, there’s always room for human error. But a more automated system can predict these mistakes and keep them from happening in the first place. Hand-mixing methods and traditional curing techniques can result in costly mistakes. Potting compounds need to reach 200 degrees Celsius or higher during the curing process, but failing to take proper measurements or mix correctly can derail your efforts even if the right temperature is reached. With meter mix dispensing equipment, these factors are all regulated to ensure accuracy every single time. By avoiding mistakes like these, your company can reduce time and money wasted.

If your organization still relies on hand-mixing and other outdated procedures, this may be to your detriment. By embracing newer meter mix equipment, you can potentially save a substantial amount of time and money and increase your quality at the same time.