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An Introductory Guide to Adhesive Dispensing in the Automotive Industry

An Introductory Guide to Adhesive Dispensing in the Automotive Industry

Adhesive dispensing systems are used in countless ways all over the United States. These dispensing solutions are utilized, for example, by the solar power industry, which employs nearly 250,000 Americans in all 50 states. For those who rely on solar power to provide light and energy, that’s a big deal. But the importance of adhesive dispensing is even more pronounced when you realize that the car you’ve likely already driven at least once today was made thanks to the machines that perform these processes. According to AutoAlliance.org, there are 2.44 million jobs throughout the U.S. filled by Americans in the automotive production industry alone. And many of those Americans rely on dispensing machines to get the job done.

Back in the early days of the automotive industry, bonding techniques were performed in a traditional, individualized way. But eventually, the assembly line concept took over in order to ensure quality and consistency. Although automation was being used at that time, this trend has only grown due to the use of new combinations of materials and the popularity of more complex designs. Thus, adhesive bonding is now a critical component in the manufacturing of automobiles. In order to make safety improvements, cut costs, and establish greater uniformity, automakers have embraced adhesive dispensing systems over hand-mixing.

Adhesives can actually provide an improved production process in terms of flexibility. They can be applied quickly and don’t require subsequent punching or drilling, which reduces costs and wasted time for the manufacturer. They even decrease the weight of the vehicle, which can be a huge boon for fuel economy. These days, there are also adhesives that can reduce excess noise and vibration, providing a smooth and quiet ride for motorists.

It’s no surprise then that, according to AssemblyMag.com, “Automotive makers are using more adhesives, sealants, oils, and coatings than ever before. For example, today’s vehicles typically contain as much as 40 pounds of adhesive.”

Adhesives can be used to bond countless components, including those found in brakes, windshields, trims, dashboards, engines, and even the frame and body of the vehicle. Because many adhesives can withstand extreme temperatures and absorb impacts, they’re actually ideal for motor vehicle use. And because there are adhesives that bond well to a variety of materials — including glass, plastic, and metal — there are endless possibilities to how these substances can be used.

Businesses in the automotive sector can’t afford to cling to traditional methods. Adhesive dispensing has become an integral part of the auto manufacturing process due to the improvements it can provide across the board, for both maker and motorist.