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FAQs About Solar Panels

FAQs About Solar Panels

If you’re thinking about investing in a solar panel, there are some commonly asked questions you might find yourself asking. Before you invest in a solar panel for your business or residence, here are some things you should know about solar panels, epoxy dispenser system, and their application.

Can I afford solar?

Solar gives you the most bang for your buck when it’s used in particularly sunny areas of the United States. The cost of installing a solar panel is quickly mitigated once your electricity bill lowers. For others, there are countless financing options and leasing opportunities to make this an affordable endeavor for your home or business.

It’s estimated that if even .0005% of the surface of the Earth was covered in solar panels, all of our energy supply needs would be met.

How do solar panels stand up to the environment?

Solar panels have to be incredibly tough to withstand the elements. While solar panels work best in the southwestern area of the United States, any business can benefit from a solar panel application. This means that solar panels have to withstand intense heat, rain, wind, and even snow.

Many factors go into crafting solar panels in order to ensure their internal components don’t begin to degrade or erode. Though sheets of glass allow light to pass through to the photovoltaic cells, the durable framework and interconnecting parts incorporate a variety of frames, rails, and junctions to ensure the solar cells are protected.

What makes solar panels so strong?

As stated above, solar panels rely on multiple components to ensure their longevity in the elements. However, the primary strengthening component is the epoxy resin that is used to create an impact resistant, high-strength, insulated product.

Epoxy technology has come a long way thanks to meter mix dispensing equipment and fluid dispensing systems. Now, many metered liquid dispensers come with gear metering pumps and other dispensing solutions. Not only do epoxies work as an adhesive component within a solar panel, but they also provide insulation and strength to help combat the elements from wreaking havoc on more sensitive components. Because of the innovations made in epoxy dispensing systems, applying this necessary adhesive has become easier than ever.

In solar panels, epoxies can also be used for junction boxes, sealing conduits, and supporting electrical connections within a system.

When you want to build the best solar panels, the epoxy dispenser system can make your job even easier. Contact Exact Dispensing for more information on our adhesive dispensing equipment today.