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3 Things Your Epoxy Dispensing System Should Provide

3 Things Your Epoxy Dispensing System Should Provide

If you rely on dispensing epoxy and other adhesives as part of your business operations, you’ll probably understand just how precise this process must be. In order to be effective, your epoxy dispensing equipment needs to meet certain criteria. And if you’re relying on manual methods of dispensing epoxy, your organization may not be quite as efficient as it could be. If you’re in the process of evaluating adhesive dispensing systems, here are three things you should keep in mind during your assessment. Should a given epoxy dispenser not satisfy these requirements, you may want to keep looking for an alternate solution.

Your Epoxy Dispensing System Should…

  1. Reduce overall costs: With a manual system, you’ll have to rely on human workers during every step of the process. Obviously, this means you’ll have a higher labor cost associated with your operations. When you switch to an automated system, you should ultimately be able to reduce your labor costs, as well as the costs associated with human error, training, and maintenance. You may even reduce costs associated with preventable injury; since potting compounds can reach temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius or higher during the curing process, having reduced human involvement during dispensing could improve safety (and increase the costs that pertain to it).
  2. Improve flexibility: Relying on a more basic method of dispensing epoxy may feel tried and true, but it often presents more limitations for your business. Being restricted by the capacity of a manual system can mean your organization might not be able to innovate quickly or take on certain tasks. An automated system should increase the possibilities for your operations, allowing you to take on a wider variety of jobs.
  3. Create consistent output: When you use a manual dispensing system, you can really produce only as much and as quickly as what your workers will allow. You’ll be confined to their rate of output, no matter what kinds of changes you make. An automated system, on the other hand, can speed up the process significantly and allow your business to have higher product yields. That means more products can be created in less time — and that means a lot of good things for your bottom line.

Making the switch to an automated system might seem unnecessary to some business owners. But the reality is that when you rely on a traditional system, you may be selling yourself short. To find out more about how our epoxy dispensing equipment can take your operations to the next level, contact us today.