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Static Vs. Dynamic Mixers: Which is Best For Your Business?

Static Vs. Dynamic Mixers: Which is Best For Your Business?

Businesses that rely on meter mix systems have many considerations to keep in mind when choosing equipment. In most cases, the type of liquid(s) being mixed will play a main role in this decision, as will flow rates, retention times, operational pressure, and more. Viscosity may also be an essential concern, as most potting compounds have a viscosity of 400 to 50,000 cps and you will need a system that provides a high-quality result. In the end, your choice in mixing equipment will come down to static and dynamic mixers. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the main differences between static vs dynamic mixers and some points to keep in mind.

Static Mixers

Static mixers are likely to be familiar to you. They’re often used to mix two-component adhesives, though they have many other applications as well. They do not contain any moving components and are used to blend liquid materials using flow current. When the liquids are pressed into the mixer channel with flow control elements mounted on either side, the elements break up the liquids and bring them back together. In the static vs dynamic mixers debate, it’s true that static mixers tend to be more affordable and generally require little maintenance. That said, they require a lot more manual labor and may not always provide the consistency businesses need.

Dynamic Mixers

Dynamic mixers use rotating mixers to blend liquid components, making this the speedier and more consistent option in many respects. It’s also ideal for achieving homogeneous results, even with tricky or sensitive liquids. They’re known to be extremely efficient and versatile and are also generally pretty low-maintenance. What’s more, they offer safer operating techniques because they protect from potentially dangerous fumes. Dynamic mixers can also be assembled in a lot of different types of spaces, which means they can potentially be scalable for many businesses and industries. Due to the moving parts of these mixers, they can help your company streamline your operations and even improve the consistency of your products.

We know that choosing the right type of mixer can be a difficult decision. You’ll need to consider the adhesive or liquids being mixed, of course, but you’ll also have to factor in costs, maintenance requirements, and other business concerns. Because we carry the full line of TAH static and dynamic mixers, we can assist you in making the right determination for your business’s unique needs. For more information, please contact us today.