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Meter/Mix & Dispense Solutions in the Filtration Market

Everywhere you look, the Filtration market impacts our lives. Filters protect our equipment, systems, appliances, automobiles, and even our health. The production of the filters we all rely on require precise assembly of materials to ensure product consistency and quality.  

EXACT Dispensing Systems designs, builds, and installs precision meter-mix and dispense systems around the world and has over four decades of experience in the Filtration market. Our solutions-oriented approach ensures you will have the right dispensing system that meets your individual requirements. The filtration market encompasses a broad range of filter types and materials – each with their own set of requirements, material compatibilities, and challenges. EXACT handles each customer with great care to identify all the material, environmental and workforce criteria before recommending a solution.  

Filter Types: 

  • Automotive fuel, oil and air filters 
  • HEPA dust & air filters 
  • Portable respiratory air filters 
  • HVAC filters 
  • Water filters 
  • Pool and spa filters 
  • Membrane filtration 
  • Industrial & heavy equipment filters 
  • Filter cartridges & canisters 
EXACT Filter Bonding

Filter Application Experience: 

  • End cap & frame bonding 
  • Centrifugal molding 
  • Molded in place end caps 
  • Reverse osmosis spiral wound filter bonding 
  • Air filtration frame-to-bag attachment  
  • Air filter pleating  
  • Automotive fuel/oil seam sealing  
  • Edge banding  
  • Filter bag assembly  
  • Filter gasketing  
  • Filter membrane lamination  
  • Paperboard frame assembly and construction  
  • Thread sealing/bonding  

At EXACT Dispensing Systems, we invest heavily in customer satisfaction and success. It all begins with you and the material supplier discussing the goals and proposed process. This is when the application and specific material specifications are analyzed to ensure the EXACT system will meet and exceed your expectations. The Wet Test is where we validate the system solution, and it is performed on every system we deliver. It is the final step we take to guarantee satisfaction before delivery. Regardless of system size or complexity it is tested using your material, your parts, and your process steps. We prefer to involve your production staff so that they are fully trained and ready to begin working as soon as it is installed.