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Model 860-5 Single Acting Dispensing System

Output Per Stroke: 9.8 fl.oz. (290 cc) 1:1 Ratio by Volume
Dimensions: 6″W x 31.75″L x 21″H
Air Requirements: 70-100 PSIG
Power Requirements: 120 VAC. For Optional Encoder Only

Model 860-5 Single Acting Dispensing SystemDesigned for production dispensing of two part reactive resin formulations, including those with abrasive fillers. This Model 860-5 can be fed either by cartridges, pumps, or pressurized reservoirs.

The System can deliver up to 9.8 fluid ounces per stroke from its honed metering cylinders.

A full range of control options is available, from a simple lever or foot switch dispense control to fully automatic, Linear Encoded dispensing.

Other low priced systems rely on check valves to divert material in and out of the material cylinders. The Model 860-5 utilizes positive, 3 way valving to ensure accurate, repeatable proportioning.

Mixing takes place through disposable static mixers, thus eliminating the need for costly solvents.

For those applications in which hand mixing is the present method, the Model 860-5 provides an affordable alternative with the added benefits of improved production rates and precise ratio control.


  • Linear Encoder – For critical applications requiring precise shot size. Accuracy to .0008″ of cylinder travel.
  • Shot Timer Console – Offers time/pressure control of shot size.
  • Pot Life/Auto Shot Control – For use with short pot life resins.
  • All Stainless wetted parts – For use with corrosive materials.


  • 6 oz. to 32 oz. Semco Cartridges
  • 1-5 Gallon ASME Code Tanks
  • A wide range of pumps for viscous materials can be used for direct transfer from bulk containers.
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