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Does Your Application Require Gear Metering Pumps?

Does Your Application Require Gear Metering Pumps?

Since their invention by Johannes Kepler in the year 1600, gear pumps have been used across a wide variety of industries. This equipment is utilized in packaging and dispensing, in food and beverage, in road construction, in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, and in countless other applications that require the precise dispensation of a liquid. That said, there are some metering applications that are better served by alternatives to gear metering systems. In many cases, the choice depends on the finer details of a given application. In order to determine whether gear metering pumps are the correct choice for your particular application, here are some key questions you’ll want to ask and answer.

What is your operating speed? Keep in mind that applications with inherently slow operating speeds may come with their own unique set of challenges. The operational speed of your gear metering pumps needs to align with your goals. Otherwise, you could increase the risk of decreasing the metered pump dispenser’s accuracy due to slip.

What is your application temperature? Just as the optimal speed of your gear metering equipment will have an effect on your application, the temperature restrictions will, too. If your given application requires excessive temperatures, your gear pumps might not perform to their full capabilities and the end product might suffer as a result. While some pumps have additional clearances for this exact purpose, you must once again examine whether the slip factor will provide the final result you require.

Will the application require too much strain? While gear metering pumps are meant to withstand challenging conditions, no piece of equipment is indestructible. Before you decide on a gear metering system, you’ll need to evaluate the conditions under which it would operate and ensure that those conditions are realistic for this system. If an even greater amount of accuracy is required than the pump can provide or the material being dispensed could corrode or otherwise damage the pump’s internal components over time, you’ll need to think about your options carefully. If you don’t, you could end up dealing with expensive issues and subpar products later on.

It’s important to note that there are many good reasons why gear metering pumps are the go-to equipment for countless industries. They’re versatile, dependable, and extremely accurate. But you’ll need to take an honest assessment of your application prior to investing in these pumps to ensure that they will support the creation of your product the way you need them to. For more information on how our equipment can improve your business operations, please contact us today.