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Product Spotlight: 9450 “Big Shot”

Product Spotlight: 9450 “Big Shot”

Product Spotlight: 9450 “Big Shot”

EXACT’s “Big Shot” system is the workhorse of the Meter Mix/Dispense industry – the largest in its class. With its 1800cc/6”stroke, our long-life proven 9450DA or 9450SA positive displacement MMD systems are ideal for both BIG dispense shots, or many small 10cc shots. A single metered stroke delivers a higher volume of material, leading to fewer reciprocating cycles of the inline metering pistons, lower wear, and longer service life of the system components. It is ideally suited for high-demand applications.

9450 “Big Shot” Double-Acting 2k Metering Solution:

  • Constant 2k flow with inline Double-Acting Piston Displacement Metering.
  • Multiple liter pours benefit from large 3600cc cycles @ .5- 50cc/sec.
  • Many small 10cc shots possible from 6” stroke length.
  • Inline fixed ratio cylinder set is ideal to assure correct ratio of thick with thin combinations.
  • Upstream pumps provide pressure, 9450DA assures precise, constant ratio.
  • LDV (Linked Diverter Valves) at stroke reversal ensures stable, on-ratio proportion – No check valve issues

There are a wide range of positive pressure material supply options for the Big Shot, including piston and diaphragm pumps from 55-gallon drums, cascade drum assemblies, 10-85 gallon tanks, or totes. These options are critical to allow you to take full advantage of the high meter/mix/dispense volumes offered by the 9450 Big Shot.

The variety of processes and industries proving an ideal fit for the Big Shot include filter end cap production, inverter potting, motor encapsulation including the option of dispensing under vacuum.

If your application requires dispensing big shots or multiple smaller shots from a low wear precision inline metering cycle, look no further than the 9450 Big Shot for a long-lasting cost-effective solution. For smaller precise shots down to .5cc or less other MMD options are available.

Download the Big Shot Flyer Download the 9450SA Datasheet Download the 9450DA Datasheet