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EXACT “Catch the Wave”

Catch the Wave

Liquid Robotics roots started from an idea to develop an unmoored platform to record the sounds and songs of the Humpback Whale.

The engineering task bloomed into an exciting product called the Wave Glider®. (An unmanned mobile device that would send continuous data back to shore.)  Back in 2010, EXACT was contacted by Liquid Robotics Manufacturing Engineer, Thanh Dang, regarding a dispensing application. They were currently hand mixing and pouring 2Kg of urethane into a 20′ mold to create the umbilical “tether” between the floatation portion of the Wave Glider and its submerged propulsion “wings”.  Thanh was exploring advanced capabilities and turned to EXACT.

Their product, the Wave Glider, is the world’s first wave and solar powered ocean explorer that can be navigated via satellite/GPS communications and carries a broad array of sensor payloads, communications, computing and electronics.

By 2014, Liquid Robotics had grown from early production volumes to a global distributor of Wave Gliders.  To accommodate this an EXACT meter mix-dispensing system was installed into their manufacturing process.

EXACT’s 9450-SA meter mix system was selected to dispense the air-free plural component urethane at the specified ratio and rate to achieve the required results. Once the full system was ready, the manufacturing engineer visited EXACT’s manufacturing facility for the acceptance run off in September of 2014 and the results exceeded his expectations. The customized dispensing system continues to function perfectly every time… and now has a new home in another fascinating field of production.