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Vacuum Potting

Vacuum Potting

Vacuum Potting Equipment | Meter Mix SystemsYou may be wondering what vacuum potting is, or what the process entails. Below is EXACT Dispending System’s description of this particular method:

Vacuum potting is the process of using a vacuum environment to ensure void free potting or encapsulation. This procedure typically consists of an EXACT metering system (single or plural component) and a suitable EXACT vacuum chamber.

This technique typically requires several other considerations surrounding the overall process and includes complex steps that take place throughout the vacuum potting procedure such as pre-dispense dwell, dispense, soak-time, etc.

To ensure success, please discuss your specific needs with an EXACT Dispensing Systems representative. We will be able to answer your questions and offer guidance with regards to our process and its products, such as the use of an electrical potting resin.

Products for Vacuum Potting:

Model 860-5 Single Acting
Model 1450 Double Acting
Model 9450 Single Acting

Model 9450 Double Acting

B Series Gear Pump Metering Systems