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Solving Your Needs

Looking for meter/mix systems, resin/adhesive dispensing equipment or epoxy mixing equipment? We build, customize and configure the best solution for your dispensing needs. Read more


New EXACT Overview Brochure

EXACT just recently created a new overview brochure with updates to our products. 
Download the new Brochure.

Application Stories

Industrial Servo Motor Stator Encapsulation

Application: Servo motors are an industrial control product attracting more and more popularity. They provide technical advantages such as feedback control, high. Read more



Technical Expertise

Custom System Solutions

Customer Service

Technical Expertise

Our highly experienced Tech Support staff understand the ins and outs of machine operation as well as the many external factors that affect them. Additionally, we maintain database files on all machines we ship to customers. We can help you keep your system running – providing years of dependable service.

Custom System Solutions

Our engineers have 58 years of collective experience and are always willing to spend the time necessary to understand your unique, individual application and provide a solution that will work.

Customer Service

We’ve gained a reputation for going above and beyond – just read what our clients say about us! You’ll always get the parts & systems you need, when you need them, at a fair price.

About our Company



  • “We are very satisfied with the urethane dispensing system we purchased from EXACT Dispensing Systems.  It is easy to operate and very precise.  The system requires little maintenance and your qualified staff are always available to answer our questions or recommend improvements. We would strongly recommend your company to other industries.”
    - Daniel Meunier, President, Transformateurs P.M.
  • “Aerospace Systems has had an EXACT Model 9450 double acting meter mix and dispense system for over 9 years now and the reliability of the machine is outstanding. The EXACT machine is also very durable and since we have purchased it, we have had very minimal repairs.  Not only from my standpoint but from the operator’s standpoint as well, we would rather use the EXACT system over the other machines…hands down.”
    - Jeremy Coulson, Engineering Technician
  • “EXACT Dispensing Systems has been working closely with American Filtration for over 11 years and during that time have always supplied as promised.  This professional, intelligent and friendly group of people truly make our jobs a lot easier. We look forward to many years of continued service!”
    - Mark VanHalle, Vice President of Operations, American Filtration Technologies
  • “EXACT Dispensing Systems has elevated the process of manufacturing to an art form.”
     - Lonnie Lenarduzzi, Chief Scientist, Plasmatronics
  • “We have been satisfied with the engineering, technical support and professionalism of EXACT Dispensing Systems. We purchased the first of several systems in early 2005 and will continue to rely on EXACT for years going forward.”
    - Tim Higgins, Manufacturing Equipment Supervisor, TASER International, Inc.



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