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Digi Shot to Big Shot

Digi Shot to Big Shot

EXACT Dispensing Systems is focused on developing and supplying “Meter / Mix / Dispense“ solutions to industries of all types. The System solutions are available in configurations for both single component (1K) resins and two component (2K) materials including epoxies, urethanes, silicones and others.

If you are just starting or proving a process your first experience with EXACT could be the “Digi Shot” Cartridge Dispenser. This product works with 400, 600, or 750 ML side by side cartridges with metered dispense amounts down to 1 cc or less.  This is a table top package designed for an entry level budget but engineered to deliver on ratio a specific metered shot of material. Download the Digi Shot Datasheet.

On the other end of the “metered shot” spectrum is the NEW “BIG SHOT” system made from our long life proven 9450DA or 9450SA positive displacement meter. The BIG SHOT system package is designed to offer clients the most rugged and reliable system in its class. These systems can deliver Heavily filled materials with the SA version and 3600 cc/cycle in the DA version. We find this configuration to be ideal for a wide range of BIG dispense shots, many as small as 10cc to a full cycle! Download the Big Shot Datasheet.

There are a wide range of material supply options for the Big Shot from 55 gallon drums, cascade tanks, totes and 85 gallon mix tanks. These options are critical to allow you to take full advantage of the high meter/mix/dispense volumes offered by the 9450 BIG Shot

The range of processes and industries proving an ideal fit range include filter production for end caps and pleating, inverter potting, motor encapsulation including the option of dispensing under vacuum.

If dispensing big shots or multiple smaller shots from a single meter cycle is you application look to the Big Shot for a long lasting cost effective solution.