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Can EXACT Dispensing do THAT?

Can EXACT Dispensing do THAT?

Can EXACT Dispensing do THAT?

The answer is Yes – EXACT Dispensing CAN do that!

Potting and Encapsulation of electronics (both large and small) using 2-part resins is an application where EXACT Dispensing Systems excels. Satisfied customers return to EXACT for new systems year after year due to the rugged reliability and on-ratio performance promised by an EXACT system. The long life and production proven LDV (“linked diverter valving”) approach to the EXACT inline positive displacement metering solution is one of the keys to our success.

EXACT has expanded on that core capability with the BeadMaster, that uses a linear servo drive that controls rate and volume dispensed. Combine this with “vacuum potting” accessories and systems and EXACT can offer a solution for nearly any production requirement.

The same features that make EXACT the best choice for Electronics Potting processes transfers easily into a wide range of other specific applications:

  • Mold Forming
  • End Cap Bonding
  • Sealing & Gasketing
  • Doming
  • Bonding
  • Coating
  • Overmolding
  • Material Blending
Application Primary Materials Industry Examples
Mold Forming  Urethanes & Silicones Medical, Cosmetic, General
End Cap Bonding Epoxy, Matics & Urethanes Filtration
Sealing or Form-in-Place Gasketing Silicones & Urethanes Automotive, Alternative Energy
Doming Optically Clear Urethanes Pins / Decals
Bonding Epoxy General industry (Wherever two parts/pieces need to be adhered together) Example: Hammerhead & Handle
Coating Epoxy & Urethanes Large Scale Signage
Overmolding Urethane Electrical Connectors
Material Blending Epoxy, Urethane General Industrial, Chemical Processing


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