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Cartridge Dispensing

Cartridge Dispensing

Cartridge dispensing has never been easier than with the bench top cartridge dispenser from EXACT Dispensing Systems. For applications that require larger volumes than a syringe dispenser, disposable plastic cartridges provide a low-cost, clean and efficient method to meet all levels of production requirements. With improved performance, this high-tech dispensing system converts dual or single cartridge systems to an automatic, hands-free dispenser. This innovative cartridge dispenser also has the capability of continuous pressure to ensure ratio control.

Read more detailed information about the specifications and features this dispensing system offers. If you’re interested in requesting a quote, click here or contact us directly at 207-563-2299. EXACT also offers cartridge fill systems when purchasing resins in bulk supplies is warranted.


50 - 1500 ml units, available in popular ratios


  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Simple to assemble and operate disposable wetted components
  • Consistent mixed material delivery from start to finish of the cartridge set
  • Hands free dispensing controlled by foot pedal or digital timer console
  • Can easily transform from a bench top small shot delivery system to a hand held device in seconds with our unique docking station
  • A & B components are mixed in a disposable static mixer
  • Flexible mixed material whip line and needle tips available
  • Comes complete with pneumatic plumbing, gauges, regulator, recharge switch and foot pedal
  • Constant, maintained pressure on cylinder set provides greater ratio and shot size control
  • Our unique design provides greater ratio and shot size control
  • Minimal maintenance and virtually no clean-up
  • Cost effective, completely portable


Hand Held

  • Handheld
  • Plural component dispense by air pressure

Time and Pressure Control

  • Plural component dispense by air pressure
  • Either handheld or in a stand
  • Includes timer control console that allows operator to dispense a manual shot or timed shot
  • Timer is accurate to 1/10 of a second

Digi-Shot Cartridge Dispenser

Economical controlled shot size in a table top package. Add your cartridge and start dispensing today! Click here to learn more.