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S-900 Series Valves

S-900 Series Valves

Material Ports (dependent on model): 1/8″ thru 1″ NPT
Flow Rates (dependent on model): up to 20 GPM
Air Requirements: 70-100 PSIG
Construction: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Nylon, Delrin

EXACT offers an extensive line of dispense valves which have been developed to address a wide variety of applications. Most of the valves incorporate a 90° shut off design and utilize a pneumatically actuated plunger.

MODEL S-900 & S-901 SERIES
For small dot, bead, and fill applications, EXACT offers the S-900 and S-901 series valves, which feature compact design and minimal internal ported volume. These valves can be used with both single and plural component materials. The small size of the S-901 makes it ideal for hand held operation, either by itself or with the optional S-364 Triggerhandle.

Some additional features of the S-900 & S-901 valves include:

  • Self compensating seat design for long lasting performance.
  • Stroke adjust for precise flow control.
  • Wetted parts constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, ethylene propylene. Other materials available.

For applicatons requiring higher flow rates (up to 20 gpm), the S-905 through S-910 series valves are offered. Typically used in batching operations, these valves offer such features as:

  • Flush shut off design
  • Recirculating porting
  • Solvent purge check port
  • Right angle inlet porting for high density mounting configurations

A wide range of peripheral items are available to enhance the operation of our valves, including electro/pneumatic controls, stands, and other control and fixturing devices.

Our engineers are always available to assist you in choosing the right valve for your application.