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Motors Potting with Epoxy

Motor Potting with Epoxy | Heating for Improved Flow and Saturation

Motor Potting with Epoxy

When it comes time to do motor potting or encapsulation one thing has proven true time and time again. Add heat to improve flow and saturation! By adding heat, the formulation flows more readily into small areas and allows entrapped air to evacuate from the maze of windings. EXACT offers the proven HOT BOX as a convenient and effective solution.

This system is available in several varieties. First is the full heated unit where both base and catalyst are put inside the heated chamber. This is an ideal solution when you want higher continuous flow and a faster cure time. The second option we refer to as the Half Heated Hot Box as it only heats the higher viscosity base resin. This option is only available in our SA meter mix option which dispense on one stroke and recharges on the other. Finally we have a “Fully Engineered” solution that includes fluid heaters, zone controlled heated hoses and heat traced componentry. This option, though typically more complex can have advantages when your production process is more complex.

Call EXACT and we will run through your variables and help you determine which option might give you the best value for your money and best uptime and throughput for your process.