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Encapsulating LED Modules | EXACT Dispensing Solutions  Encapsulating LED Modules for Outdoor Displays

Encapsulating LED Modules

The Challenge

LED modules are typically encapsulated with plural component reactive resins to protect both the LED lights as well as associated circuitry. Many display products are used in harsh outdoor environments, making the encapsulation process critical.

The Solution

Exact supplies the LED market with several models of their time proven, rugged piston metering systems. Growth in this market, combined with customer loyalty, has afforded Exact the opportunity to place numerous systems in customer’s production lines. Some manufacturers are using up to 12 or more systems to meet production demands.

On multiple system applications, Exact has configured common bulk feed supplies, saving end users considerable cost over dedicated supplies.

EXACT Products Supplied

  • 860-5 Single Acting Inline Meter/Mix & Dispense Systems
  • 9450 Single Acting Inline Meter/Mix & Dispense Systems
  • Common Bulk Feed Supply