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Discover a Proven Solution for Vacuum Encapsulation and Potting Applications

Find out why our Inline 9450 Meter Mix Dispense Machine is our Proven Workhorse for Vacuum Encapsulation and Potting Applications

Best Meter Mix Dispense System | Vacuum Encapsulation and Potting Applications

For more than 40 years, EXACT Dispensing Systems has been building rugged and reliable meter mix dispense systems for an extensive range of epoxies, urethanes, silicones and a host of other reactive chemistry resins and compounds. The proven “Workhorse” for our meter/mix offering for vacuum encapsulation and potting applications is the Inline Model 9450 with thousands of Meter Mix Dispense (MMD) Machines placed around the world.

The Inline 9450 gets its name from the major cylinder displacement volume of 945 cc/stroke. When used as a 1×1 ratio meter the Inline 9450 can deliver over 1800 cc – almost ½ gallon of material in ½ a cycle! This high volume translates into long reliable life in some of the most difficult materials or in production environments where continuous production is required.

This Inline 9450 MMD Machine is offered in both an SA (Single Acting) and DA (Double Acting) version. The SA unit is recommended where resin is highly filled and filler settling is likely to occur. By using the SA Model you not only get over 1800 cc/stroke (.5 gallon in a 1×1 ratio unit) but over 100 18cc shots per stroke. At the end of the day you can completely evacuate the cylinder of resin to prevent abrasive settling or build up in the cylinders thereby maximizing life and production uptime.

The Inline 9450 DA unit functions as an inline meter with metered dispense output on both strokes of the meter providing continuous duty output of over 3600 cc/cycle (almost 1 gallon in one cycle).

The Inline 9450 (SA or DA) when supplying a production operation of, as an example 18cc/dispense shot, can produce over 180 shots in one stroke! This incremental dispense approach helps assure accuracy, reliability and long life.

The Inline 9450 is also well proven on wider mix ratio formulations due to its “Inline” linear design layout. Through the use of the linear layout wide ratio major/minor cylinders of up to 10×1 ratio by volume or thick and thin materials are accommodated leading to long piston, cylinder and seal life.

When long life, high reliability, exceptional mix ratio accuracy are required look to the EXACT Inline Model 9450 Meter/Mix Dispense Machine for integration into your custom designed and engineered meter/mix/dispense system from EXACT.

Let us design an Inline 9450 system for your next project. You will enjoy its benefits and EXACT support for years to come!