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Vacuum Encapsulation

Vacuum Encapsulation

EXACT Dispensing Systems offers a line of vacuum potting systems in response to an increasing demand for dispensing environments that are free of air. Applications include potting/encapsulating of connectors, coils and other electronic components. The vacuum process provides improved impregnation in difficult to reach areas (i.e. around pins, under circuit boards) and ensures void free encapsulation. With the advent of quick setting resins, a user can, in some cases, pot components and ship the same day.

Typical system will consist of a two component meter, mix and dispense unit and a 24” vacuum chamber platen and a clear acrylic door. Smaller chambers are available.

Vacuum Chamber controls available with manual, semi and fully automatic functions. The latter provides a complete auto-cycle for multiple parts production. The system is designed to accommodate typical encapsulation process parameters, and pull down times from 30 seconds to 2½ minutes. Higher Torr ratings and faster pull down times are available with optional pumps.

Automated Vacuum Encapsulation

Custom part tray and programming to fit your application.

  • Epoxy
  • Urethane
  • Silicone
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