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“Hot-Box” Heated Dispensing Systems

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Heated Dispensing Systems | EXACT Dispensing Solutions

"Hot-Box" Heated Dispensing Systems

The "HOT BOX" System from EXACT solves the problems associated with the meter mix dispensing of heated resins. This family of products has been developed to provide temperature consistency and control year round with a simple trouble free approach.

Standard Features:

  • Heated cart to fully enclose the fluid components
  • "Custom" fixed mix ratios anywhere from 1:1 through 10:1
  • Feed tanks "on board" in the heated chamber (2.5-19 gallon options)
  • Positive displacement feed pumps included
  • Heated A and/or B outlet hoses to the dispense valve
  • Model 400 AutoValve with trigger handle or fixed mounted options
  • Disposable static mixer
  • Cart fitted with swivel/fixed casters for easy maneuvering to production sites

"HOT BOX" Meter/Mix & Dispense Systems are available in Full and Half Heated Options

Heated Meter Mix   Half Heated Dispense System