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Digi-Shot Encoded Cartridge Dispenser

Digi-Shot Cartridge Dispenser

Economical controlled shot size in a table top package. Add your cartridge and start dispensing today.


Ratios: 1:1, 2:1, 4:1, 10:1 in standard 400, 600 and 750 ml cartridge configurations

Display: Touch screen HMI with 20 programmable shot sizes

Shot range: 1-20 cc


  • Either handheld or in a stand
  • Includes rotary encoder and a complete electronic control package that allows operator to set very accurate shot size
  • Measures volumetric displacement and shuts the valve off when a preset has been reached


Precision: Encoded Dispense Delivery allows an operator to digitally set the desired shot size. Multiple accurate shots per cartridge.

Mobility: Bench Mount or Hand Held, all in one unit.

Economical: Performance found on higher priced Meter-Mix Systems in a cost-effective package!