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Cartridge Dispensing

Bench Top Cartridge Dispenser

Cartridge dispensing with improved performance. Capability of continuous pressure ensures ratio control. Converts dual or single cartridge system to an automatic, hands-free dispenser.


50 - 1500 ml units, available in popular ratios


  • Reduces operator fatigue
  • Simple to assemble and operate disposable wetted components
  • Consistent mixed material delivery from start to finish of the cartridge set
  • Hands free dispensing controlled by foot pedal or digital timer console
  • Can easily transform from a bench top small shot delivery system to a hand held device in seconds with our unique docking station
  • A & B components are mixed in a disposable static mixer
  • Flexible mixed material whip line and needle tips available
  • Comes complete with pneumatic plumbing, gauges, regulator, recharge switch and foot pedal
  • Constant, maintained pressure on cylinder set provides greater ratio and shot size control
  • Our unique design provides greater ratio and shot size control
  • Minimal maintenance and virtually no clean-up
  • Cost effective, completely portable


Hand Held

  • Handheld
  • Plural component dispense by air pressure

Time and Pressure Control

  • Plural component dispense by air pressure
  • Either handheld or in a stand
  • Includes timer control console that allows operator to dispense a manual shot or timed shot
  • Timer is accurate to 1/10 of a second

Digi-Shot Cartridge Dispenser

Economical controlled shot size in a table top package. Add your cartridge and start dispensing today! Click here to learn more.